About Us

Aung Tay Za Myo Trading Co., Ltd has been officially established in the fiscal year 2007 and incorporated under the companies act with notification No 885/2007-2008 issued by Ministry pf National Planning and Economic Development.

Before forming up the company has been involved in the Paper Trading Business field since 2004.

The company is affiliated with the sister company as ATM Group such as

Sweet Smile Exercise Book Manufacturing

The main objective of the company is the fulfil the demand of varieties of Paper required by the Government Sector as well as Private Sector and especially for the Ministry of Education regarding the School text Books and Experience Books for the students.

Our Staff

The company’s office is situated at No (157), 47 Street, Upper Block Bohtaung Township, Yangon with 25 office staff. Where as the ware house staff is 111. The total staff of the company is 136.